We make it easy for you to get more for less effort.

Here’s is what we can do for you; You deliver your ‘gently loved’ children’s clothes they have outgrown, maternity wear or women’s clothes you no longer want, baby items and furniture. We will offer you store credit for kids clothing items and either store credit or cash for furniture items and women’s clothing and accessories priced above a certain price point. Store credit is always the better option and higher rate, but the choice is yours in most stores. Rates and option for cash on clothing vary slightly from store to store, so call your nearest Other Mothers location for exact percentages.

  • pg_hiw_col1Come in with your children’s and women’s items that you no longer have use for and we will quickly evaluate the ones we are able to sell for you and give you your options.

    Ideally, we prefer one large tote size per day per customer for clothing, and as many large items such as baby equipment and toys as you would like to bring. Clothing should be freshly laundered, toys and baby equipment clean and ready to ‘rock n’ roll’: with all their bits and parts together. We try to service everyone while they wait so our busiest stores may not be able to accept more than one large tote of clothing per day from you. Most of the stores accept clothing Monday through Saturday 9:30 to 5:00, no appointment necessary. We try to make it convenient for the customers, so wait times can vary, but our goal is to serve you as quickly as possible while you wait.
  • pg_hiw_col2Browse through our store for things you do need while our buyers value your articles.

    Our buyers are well trained, and know what they are looking for using our criteria of style, condition, and current inventory shortages. We buy articles in “like-new” condition and on-trend in style. Other Mothers has proprietary standardized pricing and software. We price the articles according to their turn-over rate and ‘sell-ability.’ We try to be as fair as we can to both the customers bringing in their items and also to the customers buying from us. You don’t have to trade-in to shop in our stores. We have found that by keeping the quality as high as possible and our retail prices very ‘friendly’, everyone is happier with our stores. We prefer high-volume to high prices, and for over thirty years, so do our customers!
  • pg_hiw_col3Depending on the options your local Other Mothers offers, use your store credit right away, keep some or all of it to use later, or pick up your cash or check that day. You don’t have to wait for your things to sell.

    It is up to you if you want to take the items we were unable to accept back home with you, or leave them as a donation. You can specify your preference when you sign in. Some stores have a weekly or bi-monthly 25 cent sale with the left-over items so the customers can have opportunity to buy items that may be ‘usable’ but perhaps not as ‘sellable’ due to condition, style, etc… and then they donate the remaining items to local charities. Some of the stores donate the money from the quarter sale to such places as the Children’s Miracle Network, some don’t. Due to the extremely high-volume of trade-ins and limited storage space, most stores have a 24 hour limit for retrieving your ‘take-homes’.
Buying Disclaimer: Each of our stores has their own buy policies such as bucket limits and buying times, as well as a preference for specific articles and/or brand names. High volume stores generally get your permission when you drop-off your merchandise to go ahead and place it in the store for sale as soon as they price it. If you want to see what they buy and at what price before it goes out, please tell your buyer and wait in the store while your items are evaluated. We are very open about what we are selling your individual items for, and what your percentages in credit or cash are, so your buyer is always honest and straight-forward about our pricing system. We do have standardized prices based on experience and turn-over rates for the whole nation with slight regional variations, but we will not give you ‘fuzzy’ answers such as “Oh, it varies for different things. The computer figures it out!” Feel free to stop in and see what we have to sell and at what prices before you bring in your items. We think you will like what we do and how we do it. We are always happy to explain our policies to you.