The Other Mothers store in Temple is the first in Texas. The store owners are Nick and Erika Graham. As “young” grandparents they were introduced to Other Mothers in Missouri while Nick was stationed there in the Army. After retiring from the Army, and trying his hand for a while in the corporate world in manufacturing, they found themselves looking for something to “stay busy”, and that was more satisfying. Nick and Erika were interested in starting a business, and an Other Mother franchise in Temple fit the bill. Nick and Erika are excited about continuing the Other Mothers tradition with friends and family being an integral part of the store’s success.

Melinda Wetzel opened the first Other Mothers store in 1979. Prior to franchising the business system, family members opened a total of nine non-franchise stores in five states. In 1981 Melinda trained Sherri Collins, her niece, in the Other Mothers business concept and helped her open a store in Phoenix. Sherri and her family members now own three stores, which are all about 5,000 square feet and together employ about 48 people. Another niece opened in 1988 and 1990 and later sold two Other Mothers stores in Springfield, Missouri. The Other Mothers business concept was franchised by Melinda in 1995. The first franchise store opened in Spokane, Washington in October 1995. Currently 18 Other Mothers stores are open in 8 states and Canada.

We are really excited about our store. We feel that it offers mothers in Central Texas more options in taking care of their family, while saving their hard-earned money. Our exchange process gives mothers the opportunity to come in and exchange items that are no longer used (too small or the kids just don’t like it!) for something that is as good as new. You don’t have to deal with consignment, and you will love our prices.